Monday, January 6, 2020

Health care-long term and capstone discussions 2 Free Essay Example, 1000 words

It therefore becomes a liability that is based on legal grounds. In most cases these agencies certify medication for some patients who do not qualify care. Some services that should not be covered are described in deceptive way so that they appear to be on cover. According to Weinberg (1998), bills of the same service are duplicated to be submitted all together. Claim forms are also altered so that large amounts of payment may be made. However, some agencies do have oversight authority. Home health agencies normally protect the rights of a patient, prevent abuse and fraud and set quality standards. The certified Medicare agencies appoint a governing body, sufficient staff and administrators that are qualified to provide skilled nursing, rehabilitation and medical equipment. Non certified agencies on the other hand pay the patients who have insurance cover and those who pay cash from the pocket. But some long term care such as home health is a liability at a given point. Most of its personnel are unsupervised hence monitoring is mostly made difficult. It is therefore true that health care agencies neglect hiring, supervision of staff and credentialing thus subject to liability. We will write a custom essay sample on Health care-long term and capstone discussions 2 or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now Question 3-Captsone Consider the following statement: Plans in and of themselves are not especially useful; however, the planning process is invaluable. Evaluate and discuss what you believe is meant by this statement. Select an example from a real life health setting and discuss how this statement would apply. Plans are not that useful with time lets say for example within a day, week or a month no matter how good they may be. They are good in our lives but they become outdated with time since things keep on changing depending on different circumstances. Human beings live in a society where information changes resulting in change of goals. It is the planning act that prepares us on how to deal with this changing environment. As we go through the process of planning, it makes us realize the various alternatives that we might be having. By enabling us understand the pitfalls and improve on our goals planning helps us come up with the real plan which we are able to improve when things change. Plans in life guide us and define our movements thus they must have deadlines or time frame (Anderson 2006). This statement applies in real life situations. If my goal in life is to turn out to be healthy and a golf player, for example, then I will have goals such as to lose weight, increase my fit ness work on my diet and also work on my game.

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